AbsInt Tools New Release

We are happy to announce a new release of all AbsInt tools
for safety-critical software development. Here is a quick
overview of the most important new features.


  • Introducing TimeWeaver, a new tool that combines static path analysis
    with real-time instruction-level tracing to estimate the worst-case
    execution time.
  • Floating licenses now available for all a³ tools (aiT, StackAnalyzer,
    TimingProfiler, ValueAnalyzer, and TimeWeaver).

– All tools now support running multiple analyses in parallel.
– A preview version of the C++ Call Target Analyzer now available
to automatically resolve C++ virtual function calls.
– StackAnalyzer and ValueAnalyzer now support 64-bit PowerPCs.
– aiT for ARM now supports Cortex-M1/Milandr 1986VE1T.

– Substantially faster analyses thanks to an improved fixpoint iterator.
– Full semantical support for GCC-extended assembler statements.
– Alternative new mode for commenting on alarm messages
using code patterns. This is beneficial for projects with significant
code changes between revisions, notably when using code generators.

– Support for re-categorizations of MISRA rules.
– Support for the CWE (Common Weakness Enumeration) guidelines.
– New set of configurable style rules for naming all C identifiers.

– New backend for hybrid 64-bit/32-bit PowerPC code.
– Improved code generation for the ARM and PowerPC backends.
– New generic compiler optimizations.