AbsInt Tools v20.04

aiT, TimingProfiler, StackAnalyzer, TimeWeaver ==================================================

– DDC-1 Score Compiler for PowerPC and Renesas CS+ compiler for RH850 now supported

– Support for Windows color schemes (e.g. dark mode) in a3 GUI

– Introducing new consistency check for stack analyses

– TimeWeaver: new running trace-mode analysis and trace parser now multi-threaded to boost performance

– More powerful ORTI project importer

Astrée, RuleChecker


– Improved analyzer and GUI performance for large analysis projects

– Batch mode now supports detached execution and post-analysis report generation

– Enhanced rule coverage of MISRA C++:2008 and Adaptive Autosar C++ Coding Guidelines

– Plugin for Keil µVision IDE now available



– Newly supported: ARM 64-bit architecture AArch64

– Improved diagnostic messages output

All Products


– Improved Binary Level Analyzer Support in AbsInt Toolbox for TargetLink

A complete list of all new features and improvements can be found at: