Ashling Opella-XD ARC Software v1.2.8 (32-bit (x86) Windows binaries)

1. 32-bit(x86) and 64-bit(x64) Opella-XD software binaries now available. MetaWare Development Toolkit 64-bit binaries are available from v2019.12 onwards only (64-bit binaries are stored in MetaWare\arc\bin64).

2. RTCK timeout settings are now configurable from the Opella-XD configuration interface.

3. Improved scan-chain auto-detect feature.

4. libusb in Windows now updated to version 1.0.23 (the Opella-XD USB driver will be automatically updated during Windows install).

5. Linux CentOS 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) now supported (see user manual for installation details).

6. User manual updated.

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