Percepio: Debugging with an RTOS Timing Issues

There is no doubt a learning curve when you begin using a real-time operating system (RTOS) in your development. You will work at a higher abstraction level, using more or less parallel tasks rather than just subroutines, and you will need to consider how your tasks shall share data and the processor time with each other. Next, you need to learn how to use the RTOS itself, like configuration and the API functions for controlling tasks and communicating between them.

Once you’ve mastered all that, it’s time for the next learning curve – you now have to learn how to debug your code.

In Other News

Percepio will present a Device Firmware Monitor Webinar in cooperation with Renesas on the 28th August. We’ll be back in August with more info on the agenda, how to register et cetera.

Wind River has a new Getting Started with Tracealyzer document up, aimed at users of Wind River VxWorks.